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Enjoy some bright summer fashion with a few bold Goodwill finds


As we roll into the heart of summer (following many days spent sheltering indoors), it’s time to embrace fresh air, airier fabrics, and brighter hues.

It makes a statement. Leaning into color and showing hints of skin will make anyone feel empowered and free. Striking a balance between everyday apropos and joyful, the summer trends for 2021 — from pastels to mini skirts to strap details — are fun, but also wearable.
Did you know that Goodwill Central Coast has you covered when you don’t want to be so covered up? Our stores are stocked with bright colors guaranteed to brighten any mood.
 Do you know what else feels good? Buying your summer wardrobe at Goodwill helps your neighbors in need by removing barriers to employment. And in this age when climate change is such an important issue, your second-hand purchases help our ailing planet.
Each year local Goodwill stores divert approximately 70,000 tons of clothing and household items from local landfills.
By shopping at Goodwill, customers can reduce the need for valuable natural resources in the production of new fabrics. For example, to grow the cotton required to make a new cotton T-shirt and pair of jeans takes more than 5,000 gallons of water, so choosing to buy items second-hand has a powerful environmental impact.


Pastels and bright colors

A pale pastel palette is calming on the nerves and easy on the eyes. Wearing candy colors isn’t just for babies (or millennials). Everyone can don a cool mint skirt or a tranquil lavender blazer to celebrate summer.
After many months of social distancing from our own wardrobes, it’s time to let our clothes shine — quite literally. From jackets to maxi dresses, gilded garments are making the case for everyday/all-day wear.
It’s also time to ditch the pajamas and loungewear. Really. Embrace the summer season by clearing out your closet and replacing it with Goodwill gold.
Here are the main fashion trends for 2021:
  • Crop tops
  • Puffy sleeves
  • Cut-outs
  • Sheer
  • Glitter
  • Wrap-around straps
  • Pastel
  • Wide-leg trousers
  • Netting


Head to the tropics

Let’s get tropical, fellow Goodwill bargain hunters!
After all, it’s summertime, so there’s no better time to buy your ticket to paradise.
Although a trip to a tropical paradise may break the budget, your outfit doesn’t have to, thanks to Goodwill’s low prices and trendy pieces.
If you love colorful, whimsical, lightweight prints for the summer — we’re talking tropical-style palm leaves, pineapples, flamingos — Goodwill has you covered.
Imagine this outfit: An adorable J.Crew pineapple skirt for only $5.99, paired with a simple Merona yellow tank for only $3.99. Add a navy blue saddle crossbody bag for $3.99 and you’re set to go for less than $15. Add complements of a simple pineapple necklace and cool shades for a sunny day, and you’re ready for any summer occasion.
Top summer trends are all over the racks at your local Goodwill right now, so don’t miss out before the season comes to an end.