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A few great ideas to make Father’s Day special for pop

A few great ideas to make Father’s Day special for pop

By and large, most dads out there fit the stereotypical image of an American father — hard-working, practical and frugal. They often prefer a Father’s Day gift that’s simple and useful — and they certainly don’t want a fuss.

So if you’re thinking again of buying that age-old tie, or a belt, or even a pack of socks, you’re probably not that far off.

And Goodwill Central Coast has you covered. Not all of Goodwill’s products are sold secondhand. After all, who wants to wear a used pair of socks?

Goodwill leverages its considerable buying power to stock our shelves with new goods straight from mainstream stores and manufacturers.

Those on the hunt for socks, underwear, belts, sportswear and more will find name brands at a fraction of prices seen at department stores.

Finding a new belt for $6.99 can be just what a son or daughter is looking for — because it’s often just what dad is looking for.

With brand names such as Gold Medal, Gold Toe, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Anne Klein, Juicy Couture, Dockers, Esprit, Danskin, Cherokee and more, Goodwill Central Coast provides a well-rounded shopping experience — for dad or anyone else.

Build a gift basket

If you want to go above and beyond buying a single item, why not create a customized gift basket for dad. You can get everything you need (including the basket) at Goodwill.

Fill the basket with that pack of socks, followed by a used paperback, some barbecue tools, a pack of batteries (aren’t dads always looking for batteries?), a pair of sunglasses, gardening gloves, a coffee mug … the list is endless.

Much like Goodwill’s goal of being sustainable, the basket can be reused around the house — or as a vehicle for future picnics.

There are also hundreds of DIY projects one can find with a quick internet search. Here are two we found fun;

Make a dad-friendly wallet

Here’s another sustainably-slanted idea that involves reusing an old pair of jeans — or buying them secondhand at Goodwill.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can turn a patch of denim into a great vintage-looking wallet for dad. Grab a pair of your favorite jeans brand from your Goodwill store and cut off the bottom cuffs to complete this DIY denim wallet tutorial. All you need is the material, a pair of sturdy scissors, hefty sewing needles, thread, a ruler and a sewing machine. You’ll find all the instructions you need at opens in a new here.

Golf ball art project

When it comes to home décor, most dads are probably unconcerned, but if you want to catch your favorite father’s eye, try this spin on the classic golf-ball gift.

It’s easy to create a unique piece of art for dad’s office or workshop. Pick up some golf balls and a decorative box — shallow ones work best — at Goodwill, and make sure you have some spray paint and super glue on hand to complete the project.

Paint both the box and the balls; then, once dry, glue them in a grid to the bottom of the box using a dot of super glue. After the glue dries, you’re all set! You can also consider adding a picture hanger on the back of the box for easy wall display. Find additional details at opens in a new windowMadigan Made.

Your local Goodwill Central Coast store is sure to deliver on great gift items for dad in advance of Father’s Day on Sunday, June 20.

Whether it’s gift-ready items off our store shelves or inspiration for a DIY present, you can bring a smile not just to dad’s face, but also to the face of a job seeker whose employment training is supplemented by your purchases.