Back-to-school treasure hunt for parents, students and teachers

Back-to-school treasure hunt for parents, students and teachers

Let’s be honest: It’s been a rough few months, especially for parents. Sheltering at home has taken a particular toll on families given that the “school day” changed so dramatically.

Now that many schools have been given the green light to open doors in the fall, being prepared for this red-letter day takes on special importance. Parents may find themselves even more eager to browse the aisles for great deals on necessities.

So what can back-to-school shoppers find at Goodwill? In a word — everything. And for every niche, too.

For a child’s creative side

Artsy kids can just go ahead and make themselves comfortable inside Goodwill retail stores. With numerous departments brimming with possibilities, a creative student can find everything (from paints to crayons to fiber arts) that they need for school projects and hobbies alike.

By encouraging your little artist’s creativity, you’ll help them bloom into a productive, confident individual.

Keep your athlete moving

Students who plan to take up sports in the fall can also find what they need at Goodwill. Athletic attire and equipment are always available at great prices through thrift stores. Another wonderful part about buying these items used is that you won’t care how badly they’re banged up at practice and in game play. Chances are that if your athlete is still growing, so you’ll need to buy new ones next year anyway. You might as well save money doing so.

On trend, on point, on budget

Let’s face it. In this day and age fashion is important at any age — from elementary school to college. At Goodwill, students can find just what they need to update their wardrobe without spending a fortune.

As parents know, younger kids can grow a lot even just in one school year, so second-hand goods are the perfect way to save money, be prepared, and minimize your family’s environmental impact as this new season starts.

Older kids are more aware of trends and brands, and Goodwill has you covered here as well. It doesn’t take much browsing to find new or gently used clothing that fits — and allows you kids to fit it at the same time.

And if it’s time to head off to college, another huge back-to-school expense awaits: outfitting the dorm. Goodwill to the rescue again! With dishes and cleaning supplies ready to buy, parents will know they’re setting their kids up for a smooth semester.

Reinforcing education at home

For kids to really absorb the most from their school classes and activities, what they learn on campus should also be developed at home. Inspire students to find a love of learning by creating an exciting, educational home. This doesn’t mean that you have to quiz kids on their times tables or have an ever-present blackboard with rotating vocabulary words, it just means that you bring home common school themes in an inspiring way. Turn a globe into relevant home decor, or find the perfect desk that makes homework a breeze.

A one-stop shop for teachers

For teachers, it’s important to find versatile, comfortable clothing that still projects a professional appearance. Thrifty fashionistas know a growing secret: Goodwill carries popular name brands such as Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Chico, Ann Taylor — often with the original tags intact.

When it comes to classroom supplies, it’s no secret that teachers end up paying for many (if not most) of these items out-of-pocket, so costs need to be low.

That’s where Goodwill comes in. Teachers needn’t look far for valuable teaching materials, including books, movies, calendars, desk organizers and art supplies.

There’s also a built-in lesson. Tell you students where you purchased the materials and Goodwill’s story of helping people find employment and overcome their hardships to gain dignity and independence. Those students will see your generosity as something to live up to and learn from.

Good luck from Goodwill

Every child deserves an education in a safe and secure environment. No one knows what the “new normal” will look like, but Goodwill stands by to help our neighbors ease into it.