Charles Earle

Goodwill employee in office

After my release from a 10-year prison sentence, my life was quickly falling out of my hands and reality was no longer in my reach. I felt helpless and needed to find a way out of the despair and provide security and stability for my children. I desperately searched for someone or something to help me out of the major hole I found myself in.

Goodwill employee

I was referred to Goodwill Central Coast where I would participate in the Organizational Work Program. While in the program, I met Vanessa Estrada, a phenomenal and professional woman who identified my strengths, potentials and abilities. Furthermore, she built my self-esteem and confidence.

As a program participant, I began working as an administrative assistant for Goodwill’s Career Center in Salinas, CA. At this point, I began to fall in love with the position and develop a great admiration for Goodwill’s mission. For the first time in my life, I was able to believe in a non-profit’s mission, just as Goodwill had believed in me by providing me the opportunity to work. After one month of working in the organizational work program, Goodwill hired me on as a full-time employee. I felt a sense of belonging which has led to excellent employee performance.

Today, as a husband and father of 5 children, I am blessed and able to provide stability to my life and family. I expect to graduate from California State University of Monterey Bay this December and I am a proud employee of Goodwill Central Coast.

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