Declutter Your Life And Home With The Four-Week Goodwill Central Coast Challenge

There’s a Chinese proverb that says, “To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping.” That’s true whether your goal is to lose weight — you don’t try to lose 30 pounds in one week — or to declutter your life and home. If you take it one step at a time, you can reach goals that may seem insurmountable or impossible to accomplish.

With that in mind, Goodwill Central Coast has come up with the four-week Goodwill Central Coast Challenge to help you declutter your home and get 2020 off to a fresh start. Follow the suggestions, take things one thing at a time, week by week, and you’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish. By the end of four weeks, you’ll want to keep going, but that’s up to you to keep yourself challenged and stay on your path. There are always things to “clean up” in your life and home!

January Declutter Challenge

Week 1:

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to slow down, take stock and clear out all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the past year and get organized. This week’s challenge is to tackle the linen closet and clean out all those beauty products that have been taking up space in your bathroom.

Get rid of those old sheets and towels, toss those sample packs and half-used bottles and jars of product that you haven’t used in six months and especially keep an eye on expired products.

If you don’t like the thought of tossing your old linens, many shelters (including animal shelters) are looking for blankets, sheets and pillows. And women’s shelters could use those unopened beauty products. Your goal this week is to get rid of 15 items. Purged more than 15? Even better.

Week 2:

This week’s challenge is to take on those messy and overfilled closets! But don’t try taking on ALL your closets in one week, unless you have only one! Start with your own closet and then go on to other closets, including shared closets.

The real challenge this week is to be honest with yourself. Get rid of those clothes you don’t love or haven’t worn in the past year. It’s always a good idea to go through your closets every couple of months and clear things out, making next year’s challenge (and your life) even easier.

When you’re clearing out, make three big piles, one to donate to Goodwill, one to toss out, and one to save for a garage sale. Recycle if you can!

The goal this week is to toss, recycle or reuse 25 items. If you can’t reach 25, you’re not trying hard enough!

Week 3:

This week’s challenge is all about the kitchen. Yes, it’s a daunting challenge, but you’re in week 3, so you should have this thing down by now and developed a system that works for you.

There must be a catch-all junk draw (or two) that’s calling your name, so take on that challenge first. The “three piles” trick also works for this challenge, especially if you have dishes or pots and pans that you hardly ever use. Goodwill or your next garage sale is calling out for these items!

If it can’t be sold, recycled or repurposed (that old pitcher would make a nice planter for your garden!), in the trash it goes. You really have to take on a new attitude when it comes to getting rid of items. If you tend to store things just in case you “might” need then later, perish the thought! If you don’t need them for now, it’s time they left the house.

This week’s goal is 20 items, which shouldn’t be a problem in your third week of your de-cluttering challenge.

Week 4:

This is the last week of the Goodwill Central Coast Challenge. By now you should have the hang of it. If you don’t, you can always extend it another week, we won’t tell! If you still need a little help, motivation and tips, go to Netflix and watch Marie Kondo’s sensational “Tidying Up.” Her motto is, if it doesn’t “spark joy,” then let it go!

This week, find a space that has been bugging you or you’ve been putting off, and take that on as a final challenge. Find an area that is in dire need, purge, then organize it. Remember that Chinese proverb: one step at a time, but keep stepping!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this challenge and got some things accomplished. Happy Decluttered 2020!