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Find holiday decor inspiration in second-hand items at Goodwill

When it comes to Christmas decorations, inspiration is all around you — especially when you enter a Goodwill Central Coast store. You don’t have to be a DIY expert to recognize an upcycle opportunity and work a little magic, to the delight of your family and friends. You’d be surprised how many secondhand items — from picture frames and Mason jars to candle holders and vases — can be transformed into festive decorations to deck any hall.

Go beyond canning

In 1858, American tinsmith John Landis Mason patented a molded glass jar used to preserve food. Today, the Mason jar is certainly used for canning, but it’s also versatile enough to repurpose for holiday decor.
The jars make good storage for candy canes and candies and more. Or try painting them in festive colors, finished with a satin clear-coat before decorating. Wrap them with a pretty ribbon and some burlap twine and add some greenery such as holly.

Upcycling items from Goodwill are a great way to fill your home with inexpensive Christmas decorations that don’t look cheap at all!

Re-use those old frames

Plenty of Christmas options abound when it comes to upcycling wooden picture frames.

Wrap an old frame in holiday-themed napkins to create a wrapped gift look you can hang on the wall. There are many old frames with interesting features that just need a coat of paint. Spray paint such a frame and attach a lovely ribbon to the top and hang three colored Christmas tree ornaments into the empty space. Or buy a larger frame and center a Christmas wreath in the center.

At Goodwill, we have frames of all sizes, even larger frames that can cost upwards of $100 from a retailer! Some come with artwork. Keep that as an instant gift or pop out the artwork and use the frame to hold a family portrait or a child’s holiday artwork from school.

Repurpose that ugly Christmas sweater

Goodwill has many holiday sweaters that are, well, uneasy on the eyes. Following your ugly sweater party, take it off and hang it on your front door. It’s easy to make a simple wreath pouch. Just cut the sleeves and neck off. Use embroidery thread to sew the bottom, sides, and neckline together and prevent fraying. Then stuff the bottom with paper bags and add florals, evergreens, berries, and pinecones.

Buy excess tree stands

Old tree stands are plentiful at Goodwill stores and can be used in other ways than holding a crooked tree. Grab a trio and turn them into vase holders. You can easily spray paint them white or gold, add glassware and fill them with holiday flowers, evergreens, and berries. Easy peasy!

Remember, all these ideas are just ideas. Tap into your own creativity and stroll the aisles of Goodwill Central Coast stores. We guarantee you will find amazing deals and will feel a glow knowing your purchases help your friends and neighbors remove obstacles toward employment. It also feels good to save money while doing your part to save the planet, too! At Goodwill, we do our best to keep items out of landfills and to encourage the reuse of items in a variety of ways. Happy holidays to you!