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Fright Night delights: Goodwill is always your one-stop shop for ghoulish ideas

Shopping at Goodwill for Halloween can ease your mind and soften your expenses, but it helps your community as well. Goodwill Central Coast trains people for careers in fields such as financial services, computer programming, and manufacturing, as well as in emerging industries such as technology and health care.

Shopping for a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be frightening for your bank account, either. Goodwill stores carry everything you need to make your Halloween fantastic, without breaking your budget.

If you want to stand out for being smart and creative, then Goodwill is your best option. Visit one of Goodwill Central Coast’s 14 stores and you will find organized Halloween sections that include costumes as well as decorations. Prices vary, but it’s completely possible to get a head-to-toe costume for less than $20.


Vintage never goes out of style

Our Halloween “boo-tique” has it all — ghoulish, garish, or glamorous! But maybe you’re looking for something vintage, trying to channel a 1980s character (Maverick from “Top Gun” or Samantha from “16 Candles” perhaps?) Our clothing aisles hold some hidden gems from the past.

In search of something easy? Why not grab the spouse and head to that party as an older couple turning in for the night? Shop for slippers, pajamas, eye masks, rollers, whatever you can find. Bring along your own pillow. The good news? When the party ends, you’re all set for sleep!

As well as being fun, shopping for vintage looks can bring you an authentic costume for Halloween made up of truly unique pieces to integrate into your regular wardrobe during the other 364 days of the year.


Don’t forget the pooch

Dog lovers will pamper their four-legged friends beyond belief, oftentimes treating them just like one of their human children. That type of devotion has led some people to create and purchase Halloween dog costumes that are just as good as human options.

From a dog dressed as a lobster in a pot to a Great Dane that looks exactly like Scooby-Doo, options are boundless. Halloween dog costumes will put an immediate smile on your face. But remember: If your dog is in any way distressed when you put the costume on, skip it. If they cannot easily breathe, walk or go to the bathroom, take it off immediately. And avoid costumes with dangling objects that can be swallowed.


Give back to the cause

After all the revelry, you might want to consider bringing your gently used costumes to any Goodwill Central Coast donation dropoff. We’ll resurrect your costume and find it a new home so it can bring someone else the same joy. You may find that it’s the fright thing to do!

Your donations and purchases continue to add up in the community. Shopping at Goodwill for high-quality costumes and accessories helps create brighter futures by connecting people to meaningful work.