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From preschool to college life, Goodwill has something for every student’s needs

Whew! Looks like we’re in the home stretch for the back-to-school season. The best advice we can give starts with: “Don’t panic!”

As far as shopping for the necessary supplies and styles, don’t let yourself get dragged into a scenario with long lines and high prices. Head to one of many Goodwill Central Coast stores instead! You’ll be able to cross every item off of your shopping list (from dorm-worthy dishes to kindergarten kicks) all in one place — while at the same time aiding employment opportunities in your neighborhood.

First, let’s talk about some of the most common back-to-school needs, beginning with backpacks.

For some students, backpacks feel so childish and they don’t like the feeling of being dragged down from behind.

While a sturdy backpack will make any elementary school student happy if it just has the right character on it, high schoolers are a little harder to please. Goodwill’s selection is so broad, though, that everyone, even a glamor gal, will be able to find something to tote books in.

Backpacks prove useful all the way up to college. It’s true that companies are coming up with some pretty stylish versions these days, but the cute little satchel-type ones cannot fit a laptop alongside three textbooks. Instead, go for a chic tote, one with the width and depth to hold books for several classes at a time so you don’t have to run back to your dorm to swap anything out. Sturdy leather will help the bag hold up well over time, even when it’s constantly being weighed down.

Now let’s talk about school supplies. No doubt, the parents of any grade-school-aged child will receive a comprehensive list of items that they’ll need to buy in order to be successful in the upcoming year. Of course, this is hugely important, but success truly does start at home, so crafting an environment for children to study in will help them to feel confident, prepared, and supported.

At Goodwill, you will find everything you need to set up homework. From a desk to an atlas to a hole-punch, we’ve got you covered.

It’s true, once college rolls around, the priorities and shopping needs for students change drastically. And yet, Goodwill can still help:

  • Much of Goodwill’s merchandise is unique, including donated household clothing and items. And many times the merchandise is new, with the tags still on! Shoppers often have to go to 3 to 4 brand-name stores to find everything they want, while at Goodwill it is all under one roof.
  • Hit the stores in the morning and be sure to find the locations that have a tendency for your age, taste, and style.
  • It’s all about frequency and consistency. If you come once a week then over the course of a month you are bound to find some good stuff. It’s all about being at the store when those unique items come out.

Moving from the obvious to the obscure, here are some back-to-school items that you might not realize you can find at Goodwill:

  • Men’s dress shirts that can be turned around and used as paint smocks for a preschooler’s classroom
  • Plastic crates and baskets that can be used as storage bins for school supplies
  • Lamps for a college dorm room
  • Guitars, horns, or metronomes for the budding music student
  • Calculators for the math student
  • Sheets, blankets, and towels for the college student
  • Bicycles and helmets for riding to and from school
  • Thermal and plastic drink bottles for students who bring their lunch from home
  • Globes and maps
  • Alarm clocks so that a student is not late for school
  • A mini-white board for homework reminders (or after-school chores!)

Even after the school years have ended, Goodwill believes in lifelong learning. Sometimes life may throw a curveball and that’s where Goodwill comes in. We help provide job preparation, skills training, education assistance, and support services to those facing challenges to finding employment. It may not be a typical back-to-school experience, but Goodwill’s opportunities help so many people find their way down a new life path that it is changing the world for the better in the same way that a great educational foundation does.