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Get some retail therapy and upgrade your summer wardrobe with a trip to Goodwill!

Get some retail therapy and upgrade your summer wardrobe with a trip to Goodwill!

As summer nears and travel plans begin to take shape following months of confinement and restrictions, it’s time to piece together a vacation wardrobe.

Why not call it retail therapy? Goodwill can help fill in your fashion gaps for a fraction of the prices seen at big-brand stores. You’ll even recognize some of those same brands on Goodwill aisles — tags still attached!

Travel experts advise us to create what they call a “capsule wardrobe.” This idea enforces the concept of collecting a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.

Here is a list of items to include in your capsule wardrobe, all of which can be found at Goodwill:

For women

  • Two top layers for warmth on chilly days and to expand options
  • One convertible clothing item, for variety
  • Four shirts in a mixture of three-quarter length sleeves and tank tops
  • Three bottoms, including jeans
  • Accessories, including one scarf, two statement necklaces, two pairs of shoes (slip-ons) and one pair of flip-flops

For men

  • Three tops
  • One more formal shirt
  • Two bottoms, including one pair of shorts
  • One mid-layer item
  • One shell
  • Two pairs of shoes

Here are some tips to remember

  • Focus on quality and timeless style. Choose clean, everyday pieces that won’t drop out of fashion and will work for most situations. They’ll also need to be hardy enough to take on the rigors of travel.
  • Choose subdued colors. Blues, black, greens and greys interchange really well. Orange… not so much. But, hey, if your ‘look’ calls for more color, by all means add one or two statement pieces to add personality.
  • Remember to build two wardrobes: one for cold-weather travel, and one for warm-weather. They don’t have to be completely different (you might, for example, still use the same T-shirts) but you will swap out a few items.
  • Limit PJs, and workout clothes. Just sleep in your underwear and select pieces that you can get active in.
  • Stock up on accessories. You’ll be able to find some amazing sunglasses and beautiful handcrafted hats at your local Goodwill Central Coast store. Take advantage of these deals to shield yourself from the sun this season.

By shopping at your local Goodwill, you can find well-loved treasures and pay around 90 percent less than retail prices — often with designer labels still attached. But you’re also able to help out others in your community. Shopping at Goodwill is both a win for you and a win for others who receive financial assistance and professional job training.