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Goodwill Central Coast administering payments for rent and utilities to keep families in their homes

Even as the economy continues its recovery from the devastating impact of the pandemic, millions of Americans face deep rental debt and fear they will lose their homes. That’s why Goodwill Central Coast continues to assist Monterey County residents by administering payments for rent and utilities through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The United Way of Monterey County awarded Goodwill Central Coast with $2 MM in funds to assist eligible tenants with their past due and future rent and utility payments. So far, they have provided payments for rent and/or utilities in the amount of $714,760, with approvals for $61,921 pending payments to go out in early August. That makes a grand total of $776,681 in funds for those in need since the program began in April.

Goodwill’s mission has always been to help strengthen communities, and we are proud to be a participating agency in this vital program through the United Way of Monterey County.