Jon Votaw

John standing with trucks

Jon Votaw relied on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) from the age of 14 into adulthood, but had dreams of supporting himself as a truck driver. More than anything he wanted to earn a sustainable wage and no longer be dependent on public assistance.

Goodwill truck driver training

At first, Jon thought he’d never be able to achieve his goals because the cost of training and obtaining a Class A license were just too much for him to afford on SSI income. Luckily, a friend who drove trucks directed him to Goodwill’s San Luis Obispo Career Center and with the help of friendly staff, Jon completed all workshops, career counseling, and assessments. Goodwill helped place him in a truck driving program where he earned his Class A driver’s license and found a job.

A big part of Jon’s success was due to his case manager’s constant encouragement throughout the workshops. “ ‘The you can do this, you can reach your dream’ is what kept me going,” says Jon. “Because of Goodwill, I now feel in control of my own life. I am so happy I walked in that door and was given the opportunity to be where I am now.”

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