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No shipping woes or empty shelves when you shop at your local Goodwill

The idea of holidays complicated by shipping shortages, economic worries, and a global pandemic doesn’t exactly promote feelings of good cheer. But Goodwill Central Coast has you covered. This year, why not skip the grim prospect of wandering the aisles of a soulless mall trying to drum up the holiday spirit? Instead, load up Santa’s sleigh (and yours!) at Goodwill Central Coast.

Despite the grim news reporting broken supply chains that may disrupt the holidays, Goodwill’s shelves are always fully stocked with a treasure trove of holiday gifts that are not only unique but easy on the wallet and the planet. Browsing our supply of distinctive second-hand goodies turns holiday shopping into a fun and inspiring adventure. Vintage items such as collectible LPs and our selection of used books make gift-giving more meaningful.

Upcycle cool and quirky items by piling a pretty plate with homemade cookies or filling a cut-glass jar with colorful candies. Adorn a simple frame with costume jewelry, or get creative with an ugly holiday sweater by stitching one up and covering a throw pillow to help celebrate the season.

Upcycling is the act of taking old or discarded items and making them into something new and useful. Upcycling is an important part of eco-friendly living because it helps keep waste out of the landfill.

Plus, not only is upcycling eco-friendly, but it can also help you save money! This holiday, you can make something for everyone on your list when you check out two more ideas for upcycled Christmas gifts:

Decorative candle holder:
Take some small, second-hand plates and mugs purchased from Goodwill and turn them into decorative candle holders. All you need is a hot glue gun and a candle. Place the mug upside down on a flat surface and put hot glue around the base (the end that is now up). Place the small plate on top of the coffee mug facing upwards. Once the glue is dry, place your candle or an assortment of candles on top of the plate. You can also add loose gems, stones, dried flowers, acorns, or whatever other loose bits and pieces you have to add a bit of whimsy to it.

Homemade earrings holder:
Tossing earrings into a jewelry box can break or tangle them. Help your gift recipients protect their favorite dangle earrings by upcycling an old cheese grater. You are almost guaranteed to find a metal cheese grater at Goodwill. The only other things you need are paint and whatever decorations you want to use to spruce it up a bit. Add embellishments such as fabric flowers and some small white beads for the feet and you are done.

Goodwill’s thoughtful supply of uncommon items is ever-changing! To make things easier, you can even shop from home at, or look for us on eBay.

When you support Goodwill Central Coast, you join our mission to build lives, families, and communities by helping people with employment needs become successful, supported by innovative enterprises that preserve earth’s resources. When you choose to shop at one of our stores, you make a statement that empowers tens of thousands of people each year through our job training and employment opportunity programs. You help break down the barriers of homelessness, military service, single parenting, incarceration, addiction, and job displacement.

Your choice also eases stress on our planet. Thousands of tons of items bound for local landfills get a new life, which reduces our environmental impact. When you buy secondhand, you lighten the impact on earth’s resources while reducing your participation in the frenzy of holiday consumerism.

Now that’s truly holiday goodwill. Happy shopping — and happy holidays from Goodwill Central Coast!