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Point, click and save huge on holiday shopping — through Goodwill’s e-commerce

Have you ever heard of The Hot 50? No, it’s not a list of the latest pop songs or People magazine’s rundown of the most glamorous celebrities.

No, The Hot 50 outlines the hottest new items up for auction on one of the busiest and most eclectic e-commerce sites on the internet. Today, more than 130 Goodwill organizations from across the country — including Goodwill Central Coast — list and auction unique items at

Let’s log on and see what’s available on The Hot 50 right now, shall we? Hmmm, a budding rock star could snag a Fender Telecaster electric guitar (with case) with a bid of $657. How about a set of Callaway golf clubs (with bag and rain cover) for $328? Or a vintage Christian Dior men’s black cashmere coat for $206?

By the time you read this, those items will be in the loving hands of someone else. The point is, Goodwill’s online platform is a great place to unearth amazing treasures at a bargain price — and just in time for the holidays! It’s guilt-free retail therapy from the comfort of your own keyboard!

But you have to be vigilant and check back often, lest you be outbid by someone else. That could leave you at the crowded mall with near-empty shelves, or ordering online from faraway places where shipping delays could land the gift in your hands well past the holidays.

Locally, Goodwill Central Coast hires highly trained e-commerce associates to identify key donated items — from gold jewelry to collectibles to clothing — processing and shipping them from our Salinas facility. Shoppers will also find Goodwill items on the eBay platform. Yes, there are that many amazing items up for sale.

Since Goodwill Central Coast opened its centralized facility in July of 2017, the burgeoning e-commerce division has grown from five employees to more than 20.

It’s effectively a job creator within a job creator.

Your donations and purchases help continue that cycle that pays off by helping those seeking employment find jobs to support themselves and their families.

Benefits of supporting on

Wide variety of items available:

The Salinas team alone ships hundreds of items each day, from gold jewelry to clothing, musical instruments, and more.




Safe and secure purchasing:

To ensure authenticity on luxury items such as designer handbags, Goodwill uses Entrupy product technology. Each verified item receives a certificate of authenticity and financial guarantee, enabling shoppers to trust their transactions.


Reduced fees:

Shop on our e-commerce site and enjoy no handling fees and penny shipping.




Your purchase pays it forward:

Buying second-hand items is good for your wallet, and for the environment, keeping items out of landfills, and reducing the carbon footprint left by the fast fashion industry. It also supports Goodwill’s employment programs right here at home, leading to stronger, more vibrant communities.