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Some Ideas to Create Thrifty Halloween Front Porch Decor

Not often do dozens of visitors come to your front door for a greeting in a single day. But that’s exactly what happens each Halloween, so it’s always fun to update your front door decor with a spooky little facelift.

Since it’s the first thing everyone sees before shouting “trick or treat”, a display on your doorstep instantly creates a special mood. And, it’s easy to have a lot of fun with doorway decoration because, in such a small space, a little bit can go a long way.

Here are some spooky secrets that can add spirit to any stoop:


DIY spooky doormat

Specialized doormats are not cheap, but Goodwill often offers inexpensive basic mats. And with a little time and paint, you can turn them into something truly special. Find stencils that send the message you want to convey — bats, witches, or even letters that will create a greeting.

Steps: Visualize the layout of the artwork or phrase on your mat. Place a poster board on your mat so you know how many pieces will fit. When you find the right layout, stick pieces in place on the poster board. With cardboard under your work area, cut your shapes letters through both layers of paper with an Exacto knife. After you’ve cut out all of your letters or shapes, remove the taped papers on top to reveal your mat’s template! Center the template over your mat, mix your paint, then dab generous globs of paint on the letters. Be careful to dab straight down, not to brush or allow the bristles of the paintbrush to slide under the template. This will ensure that the edges of each letter remain crisp. When you’re done painting, carefully lift off the template and allow plenty of time to dry before putting your mat to use.


Spooky mason jar mummies

For a simple, spooky decoration that’s sure to delight your trick-or-treaters, repurpose mason jars to make mummy-themed luminaries. Shop at Goodwill Central Coast for glass mason jars in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can often find glassware for less than a dollar per piece.

Then, wrap the jar with strips of white adhesive gauze bandages, which can be found in the first-aid section of any pharmacy or grocery store. Glue a pair of “googly eyes” to the bandage. Finally, fill the jar with a small votive candle or electric candle to make your mummy glow in the dark. Use them on your front porch or sidewalk to lead trick-or-treaters to your door.


Creepy porcelain creations

If you’re a true Halloween fan who isn’t afraid to keep things scary, this DIY idea is perfect for you! Shop at Goodwill Central Coast for porcelain, ceramic, or cement dolls or figurines that you can transform into upcycled Halloween décor. To give your items a Halloween-inspired makeover, simply cover them entirely with a coat of matte black spray paint. For an extra spooky touch, dab red paint onto the eyes of the dolls or figurines to give them a “haunted” appearance.


Sweater pumpkins

For a quick and easy craft project that you can use throughout the fall season, try making a cozy pumpkin out of a repurposed knit sweater as seen on HGTV. First, stock up on soft sweaters in fall colors such as green, orange, ivory, brown, or yellow. If you don’t have any old sweaters around, you can always find a great deal on sweaters in a variety of styles and colors at Goodwill Central Coast.

Cut off one sleeve of the sweater, and sew one end together to make a pouch. Then, fill the pouch with cotton or raffia material and stitch the top together to form a round, ball-like shape. Finally, attach a twig to the top of the pumpkin and add twine for a rustic look.

With help from Goodwill Central Coast, decorating for Halloween is quick, easy, and affordable. When you shop at Goodwill, you’re getting more than a great deal, you’re making a difference in your community by supporting our mission. The dollars you spend in our retail stores help fund job training and employment services for those who need a lift up!