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Take the Goodwill challenge! Edit your closets and create a whole new you for spring.

Take the Goodwill challenge! Edit your closets and create a whole new you for spring.

Let’s face it. We’ve all been more homebound than usual this winter, and we all look forward to this unusual hibernation to end.

Spring is right around the corner, and with it a sense of renewal and hope. This year’s spring cleaning will surely take on added meaning, with strong urges to clean spaces, clear clutter and repurpose old stuff that does not bring us joy.

Think about what your Goodwill donation means all along the chain. You reduce clutter and the stress it brings. You help the environment by helping reduce the manufacturing of textiles and the mass in our landfills. By giving someone else that opportunity to purchase your items, it strengthens the community through Goodwill’s employment training and opportunities.

Following your donation to Goodwill, be careful not to fall back into old habits and re-clutter your home and closets with all new items. Why not come home with some gently used fashion statements, springing into the new season with style?

Besides the warmer weather, spring is the perfect time to have fun in vibrant colors and prints.

While trends are great, every wardrobe needs a few basics. These are the timeless pieces that create the perfect foundation. Because these items are such classics, you’ll be able to find them at any Goodwill Central Coast store.

These five classics below should be on your thrift shopping wish list for spring:

  • Trench coat: This lightweight piece of outerwear is perfect for the season. It seamlessly goes from work to weekend and casual to chic. Also, the cut flatters all figures. Swap out the belt to create a new look each time.
  • Denim jacket: Another piece of classic outerwear, these jackets add a bit of warmth without any bulk. And they work well when layered over your favorite button down shirt or chunky sweater.
  • Anything floral: There’s no denying how perfect these prints are for the season. Having a floral piece in your closet is just a must. It doesn’t have to be a brightly colored dress, but maybe a dark floral top or even just a belt.
  • Silky scarf: The last few months have been all about bundling up. You don’t have to ditch the scarves fully, just opt for a silky one. At Goodwill you can always find vintage, silk scarves at reasonable prices. Use them to tie up your hair, or around the handle of my purse and even wear as a beach cover up.
  • Mules: A classic shoe for spring, this style is enduring. Instead of a completely open toe, which doesn’t work for colder months, an open back mule can take you through spring, summer and fall.

Remember, these fashion statements begin with making room for them at home! It’s easy to donate to Goodwill, but before you head down to a store, keep these smart tips in mind:

  • Package items that belong together in the same container. Donating a pair of shoes or a set of dishes? Keep them in one container so they don’t get separated.
  • Call (or click) ahead: During these turbulent times, store hours often change. Our website includes a complete store directory, and also a list of items we simply cannot accept.
  • Beat the rush. Donate during off-hours and weekdays to avoid long lines at the door.
  • Go green: Pack up your donations in reusable containers. You can empty your items into bins at the store — no need for bags or boxes.
  • Check your items: Be sure pant pockets are free of receipts and computers are wiped clean.