Thrifting at Goodwill can elevate your Thanksgiving decor and reduce the stress of the holidays

The purpose behind Thanksgiving is to spend time with loved ones — not to stress over holiday entertaining and table decor.

Shopping at Goodwill Central Coast can alleviate the strain on your mind — and your pocketbook. It’s the perfect place to turn marked-down castoffs into classy, chic, fall-themed decor.

Savvy Goodwill shoppers have always found it exciting to see what’s new, and what’s possible to make out of items donated by others. It’s the epitome of responsible upcycling since money through the sale of donated goods helps support and grow Goodwill’s critical community-based programs and services. The bottom line? The environmental and social impacts cannot be denied.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • For cohesive Thanksgiving decor, pick a simple theme to help guide the design. Whether it’s country farmhouse, shabby chic, or simply elegant, make sure it complements your style and the rest of your home.
  • A popular decorating trick involves giving plain florist vases a new look with multi-surface craft paints. The painted vases look good on their own, or with the addition of flameless candles.
    Baskets add a great natural texture to any table. You can paint them (or part of them for a fun pop of color), or fill them with fresh or dried flowers, or go cornucopia-style with fresh fruits, gourds and greenery.
  • Artificial flowers and leaves are always an inexpensive find, and can become instantly chic when you coat them with metallic spray paint.
  • Natural candles add immediate warmth to any space. You can dress up your holiday tapers by placing them in a narrow glass, then filling in the gaps with whole nuts or small river stones. A strip of burlap and ribbon complete the look.
  • Wooden bowls, trays or plates always come in handy, and can be elevated with used, hardcover books that you can cover with a sheet of pretty fall-themed wrapping paper. Tip: Paint the front edges of the books with colorful craft paint for a vintage look.
  • When throwing a dinner party, consider sending out paper invitations that will offer guests something tangible in anticipation of the event. Goodwill has lots of crafting supplies that can inspire you when creating your own invitations.
  • Thrifting dinnerware from Goodwill is an inexpensive way to provide a unique table setting. And if you lack seating, consider purchasing colorful benches and old chairs to create a whimsical, mix-and-match look.
  • Stock up on critical kitchen tools and accessories with reasonably priced items at Goodwill — from skillets to knives to wine glasses.