Are you dreaming of an ugly Christmas sweater? Goodwill has you covered

You see them at parties. You see them on social media. You see them on family holiday cards. Hidden in closets and inside attic boxes for much of the year, the tried and true ugly Christmas sweater makes its annual appearance in all its glorious tackiness.

They are colorfully garish. They are loud. They are decidedly unfashionable and certainly in very poor taste.

So why can’t we get enough of this goofy, gaudy tradition?

When it comes to ugly Christmas sweaters, Goodwill Central Coast stores are your headquarters for hideous hijinks. You can find secondhand ugly sweaters or plain ones that can easily be transformed into a Yuletide treasure. Just follow these tips from our friends at Country Living magazine.

No one really knows who launched the insane idea of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. It’s probably safe to assume that they were once worn with the intention of being fashionable. Fashion changes over time, and sweaters that were once acceptable naturally became ugly and then ugly became popular once more.

 The Christmas holiday sweater first became commercialized in the 1950s. Originally called “jingle bell sweaters,” they were popular with certain dads of that generation. It wasn’t until the 1980s that the Christmas sweater gained huge popularity, thanks in part to popular sitcoms of that time such as “The Cosby Show,” and “Saved by the Bell.”

When it comes to ugly Christmas sweaters, the more embellishments the better. Reindeers? Santa? Christmas trees with blinking ornaments? A “Star Wars” theme with Yoda? All these tacky little details point towards winning the prize for the best ugly Christmas sweater at parties. And yes, there are tons of ugly Christmas sweaters parties. In fact, it’s been huge among millennials who dig through their parents’ closets in search of treasures.

That isn’t worth the trouble when Goodwill Central Coast stores separate the ugly sweaters into their own section. Just ask an associate, or follow your eyes to the riot of ugly colors.


All sweaters aren’t ugly

Perhaps the best idea is to leave the ugly sweaters to others. Goodwill Central Coast has a huge selection of cozy options. Our motto: Life is better in a sweater. Actually, life is better in a thrift-store sweater!

Like comfort food, sweaters are comfort wear for the winter. Turtleneck, crewneck, oversized, cardigan, and duster sweaters along with ponchos, chunky knits, and flannels all have a welcome place in a winter wardrobe.

So this holiday season, whatever you are celebrating, make sure you grab a few sweaters — either the tacky and nostalgic ugly ones or others that will keep you cozy and looking sharp.

Whatever you decide, know that your purchases will ultimately help someone else have a cozier, more cheerful holiday season. Our retail stores help fund our job training and employment programs that remove obstacles to self-sufficiency.

And that is the best gift of all.

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