It’s simple.

Your donation strengthens our community by empowering people to work and preserving the Central Coast landscape by diverting millions of pounds from landfills. From home pick-ups to tax write-offs, we make giving to Goodwill as easy as possible.

Find a Donation Center

What to donate What can I donate?

We make it easy to donate all kinds of gently-used clothing and household items.


donate my car to charity Can I donate my vehicle?

We can pick up your car, motorcycle, boat, or other vehicle, at home or work.


donate overstock and business goods What else do you accept?

We gladly accept surplus, overstocks, returns, and financial donations.


house calls Can someone pick up my stuff?

We can pick up furniture or other large items that are hard to transport.


host a donation drive Can I host a donation drive?

Get involved with your community and raise money for your group or organization.


donation receipts Can I claim a deduction for taxes?

Learn about the fair market value of your donation if you itemize your taxes.


Why donate?

Donate-Shop-Recycle-Job ServicesFor People and the Planet

When you donate second-hand items to Goodwill Industries you’re not just cleaning house, you’re supporting job training programs in your community and protecting the planet through reuse and recycling.

With multiple drop-off sites and home pick-up services, we make it easy for anyone to have an impact on their local economy and the environment.

Last year, Goodwill Central Coast received more than 437,000 donations, totaling more than 17 million pounds of clothing and household items. Of those donations we were able to divert 7,000 tons from our landfills and the money raised helped fund programs that put over 13,000 people back to work.

Our impact wouldn’t be nearly as great without the generosity of our community. Thank you!

Which donation bin? Look for blue.

Rather than helping nonprofit, charitable organizations like Goodwill, some donation bins in your neighborhood end up supporting for-profit groups in other states. Use this guide to help you find a real Goodwill bin so your donations stay right here on the Central Coast.

Goodwill donation bin guide

If you’re looking to donate specialty items such as computers, vehicles or mattresses, it’s best to contact us first to find out any rules or restrictions around these items.