Vehicle Donations

Turn your old car into new jobs

Do you have a car you no longer use or a boat, truck, motorcycle, RV, ATV, bus or plane that still functions well? If you have a vehicle that’s sitting idle, turn it into a valuable tax deduction by donating it to Goodwill Central Coast. Through our partnership with Cars Helping Charities, transfer takes only a matter of minutes. Donating avoids all the headaches involved in trying to sell a vehicle and may, in the long run, be more profitable to you as a tax deduction

There are specific qualifications that must be met before we can accept a vehicle donation.

Call or visit the Cars Helping Charities website for more information.

Follow these Two Easy steps:

Call 866-701-CARS (2277) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to schedule a car donation or use the on-line vehicle donation request form.

Schedule a convenient date and time for your donated car or vehicle to be picked up at no cost to you. It’s really that easy! You will be provided a receipt at the time your car is picked up. Once your donated car sells, you will be mailed an additional receipt to include with your tax return or provide to your tax professional.

How It Works

Donor calls and schedules a donation appointment or submits an online form to donate a vehicle to your organization.

The staff at Cars Helping Charities answers any questions that you may have, and processes the vehicle donation on your behalf. The Cars Helping Charities staff will schedule a convenient time with you to have the vehicle towed or removed from their property or other convenient location.

Once the vehicle is towed or removed, the donor will receive a receipt from Cars Helping Charities via email.

Using advanced technology and experience the staff at Cars Helping Charities determine the vehicle’s value and create a plan for selling the car for the highest amount to benefit both the donor and charity.

Once the car is sold, the donor will be sent a tax receipt for the value of the sales price or $500, whichever is greater.