Goodwill and Valentine’s Day make the perfect pair

You don’t necessarily need a holiday to show someone how much you care, but with Feb. 14 right around the corner, we’d like to share some of our favorite laid-back yet meaningful ways to celebrate this big-hearted holiday.

Gift ideas for V-Day

GCC’s regular customers know the truth: Goodwill is an amazing place to find just the right gift, especially if you’re looking to give something with an added personal touch! Your Goodwill purchases also help support our mission to provide training, employment and supportive services for people facing obstacles. And what’s not to love about that?

Simply put, you don’t have to spend a lot to give a lot. In fact, some of the best gifts are those that barely cost anything at all, and show how well you know the person receiving the gift.

Gifts for every personality

At GCC, we make it especially easy to find that special person a gift they’re sure to love. Check out some of our favorite gift ideas below, then head to your local Goodwill store in search of heartfelt treasure.

For the fashionista:

  • A pair of heels/shoes to wear out on a date
  • A piece of jewelry, or a watch, that reminds you of her/him
  • A funny T-shirt
  • A suit or dress for a special date night

For the social butterfly:

  • A set a drinking glasses
  • A unique serving tray
  • A wine decanter
  • A funny mug

For the athlete:

  • A golf club, tennis racket, or hand weights
  • A fitness book or DVD
  • A small exercise machine

For the artist:

  • A collection vinyl records
  • Picture frames
  • A collection of books from his/her favorite author
  • Miscellaneous fabric for upcycle projects

For the foodie

  • A set of wine glasses to pair with a bottle of their favorite wine.
  • Find a basket or wooden crate, toss in a couple of cookbooks, add an apron and some oven mitts.
  • Buy some small decorative jars and fill them with spices.


Think beyond secondhand

Sometimes people buy things in the wrong size or change their mind after making a purchase. What do locals do when they have something they don’t want or can’t use? They donate it to Goodwill Central Coast.

Walk through any of our retail stores and you’re bound to find a variety of donated items either still in their original boxes or with their original tags. From clothing to outerwear accessories still in a gift box, handbags, puzzles, wall art, small electronics, shoes, office supplies, sunglasses and more.

An upcycling idea

For Valentine’s Day, everyone expects the roses and the chocolate, so how about trying something different and a little more playful this Valentine’s Day? You wont need a bigger budget, just some creativity and a little atmosphere. Here are some ideas to try using a few accessories from GCC.

  • Indoor picnic: Skip the typical restaurant date experience with overpriced menus and sitting next to every other couple in your town. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day dinner on your living room floor! You can make a beautiful spread on a blanket with a few flowers and some mood lighting. Try looking in our housewares sections for unusual glassware or Mason jars. You can fill them up with water and put floating candles in them or fill them with string lights. Also look for fun dinner plates and silverware. You can make simple napkins by cutting a flannel or any cotton shirt into squares and fraying the edges a bit (no sewing at all). See tutorial here.

Date night challenge

Here’s a dilemma: You want to go out with your significant other for Valentine’s Day, but you’re on a strict budget. The solution: The “Goodwill Date Night Challenge!” You can still have an entertaining date night and be able to stick to a budget with this fun challenge from Goodwill.


  • Go to your local GCC store with your significant other
  • Shop for one another with a time limit of 30 minutes and a budget of $20, (or any personal spending limit you desire).
  • Split up to shop, so you don’t see what the other person is purchasing
  • After 30 minutes, meet at a chosen location to see what the other person has purchased!


  • A memorable date night you can both enjoy!

Shop online

When you surf through our online site at, you will uncover unique finds — from that perfect vintage jacket to a piece of jewelry that sends just the right message. You never know what treasure you might find.

 At GCC we’re on a mission to transform lives and communities through the power of work. With every unique, one-of-a-kind item you discover online, you’re helping to fund job training, education and support services for people facing obstacles to employment. Plus, you’re supporting a sustainable, circular economy and keeping waste out of landfills.

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