Goodwill celebrates the magic of reading on National Read a Book Day (Sept. 6)

Despite the multiple distractions of life, 75 percent of U.S. adults say they have read a book in the past 12 months, a remarkable statistic in this day and age.

A study from Pew Research Center last year reveals that the 75 percent figure has remained largely unchanged since 2011.

 Print books remain the most popular format for reading, with 65 percent of adults saying that they have read a print book in the past year, despite the rise in digital platforms.

National Read a Book Day (this year on Tuesday, Sept. 6) calls all book lovers to indulge in their favorite hobby, guilt-free. Bringing new worlds to life, books enlighten us and transport us on exciting adventures. They can challenge our perspectives on the human experience in ways unmatched by other media. In a world deluged by technology, National Read a Book Day encourages us to silence the noise and turn the pages for a while.

Goodwill Central Coast celebrates reading and literacy, and every one of our stores devotes shelf space to the magic of books. After all, reading stokes education, and education leads to employment, and employment is what we’re all about at GCC.

 While National Read a Book Day is believed to have originated in the U.S., other details of the day’s history are unclear. What is clear, though, is Americans’ love for books, as surveys show that 81 percent of us don’t feel we spend as much time reading as we would like.

National Read a Book Day is the perfect opportunity to set aside a little time to catch up on our “to read” list. Many of us read as part of book clubs, an idea that actually dates back to the 1600s with women’s Bible studies.

Over the last few decades, reading has taken on a much more social element influenced, in large part by Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club. Starting in 1996, Oprah recommended 70 books contributing to over $55 million in sales and has been credited with inspiring millions of people to read books.

At Goodwill Central Coast you can find the titles you love for less. Browse our spacious book sections, where loads of adventure (and much, much more) is just waiting to be discovered. Many best-sellers are priced at around $3, and much less for others. And don’t forget to donate books you’ve already read because the best kind of story is one you can pass on.

While Sept. 6 is the perfect day to stoke a love of reading, it’s nice to make the practice a daily habit moving forward. As a reminder, National Book Month is held each October. The month-long celebration focuses on the importance of reading, writing and literature, with the National Book Foundation announcing the 25 finalists (five in each category) on Oct. 4. One winner in each category will be announced at the National Book Awards Ceremony on Nov. 16, with each winner receiving a prize of $10,000.

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