Stoke your imagination with a pre-Halloween roam through our aisles to complete your costume

As Halloween creeps closer and closer, an obsession with finding the perfect costume begins to burrow into our brains like an alien being.

Sound terrifying? Well, maybe we put it on a bit thick, but the stress of last-minute costume wrangling (especially for parents) can weigh heavy.

  Savvy costume hunters know that you can always scare up a costume at Goodwill. With 14 stores and two outlets throughout the region, Goodwill Central Coast is your one-stop shop to find new and used items to complete your Halloween look this season — at prices that won’t terrify you.

Do you know what is really scary? Desperately wanting a career but finding untenable obstacles in your way. At Goodwill Central Coast we are more than our retail stores. We help your friends and neighbors overcome those obstacles to find meaningful employment. Every purchase helps us maintain that mission in our communities. So, while shopping at Goodwill for Halloween can ease your mind and soften your expenses, it also helps your community.

 That makes roaming our aisles even more rewarding. It won’t take long for imagination and creativity to take hold.

 Second-hand clothes can become a frightening or funny costume that will certainly be unique.

Here are some ideas on what to look for:

  • Old wedding dresses: Many people who clean out their closets or attics decide to donate old wedding dresses. With an old wedding dress, an assortment of options can help transform the vintage white gown into something altogether different. Of course, dressing as a bride with a veil is the obvious choice, but there are other options as well. By distressing the gown and veil and making them appear old and worn, it’s possible to transform the look into a zombie costume. A wig and some scary make-up could finish the effect nicely.
  • Clowning around: A wide array of clown costume options exists along our aisles. Used clothes can take on a comical flair when put together in the right way. An oversized plaid shirt, suspenders, and too-short pants could be the perfect clown costume. Our stores have new Halloween costume accessories such as wigs, which could help pull together a clown costume. Stroll down the shoe aisle and pick out a pair of oversized tennis shoes or wing tips to finish the ensemble. Grab some brightly colored makeup or paint for DIY shoes and clothing for a look that is truly one of a kind.
  • Go retro: If there’s one thing common on the racks of our stores, it’s retro clothing. Explore the clothes at our stores to find retro pieces to build a funky outfit. A sock-hop teenager, a nerd in a sweater, a hippie from the ’60s, or even a flapper from the roaring ’20s are several ideas for costumes that might go together easily from separates found on our racks. The more you shop the more goodies you will find hiding on hangers and in bins.

Remember, new Halloween costumes can start at around $40, but when you add in all the pieces and accessories, they can add up to much more. Spending all that money for one night is completely unnecessary, especially when most store-bought costumes are mass-produced, making it almost impossible to enjoy your night without running into another person (or even multiple people) wearing the same exact costume.

Not only are those costumes expensive, they are bad for the environment. Remember, the clothing industry produces 10 percent of all humanity’s carbon emissions, is the second-largest consumer of water, and its microplastics contribute to ocean pollution.

Buying secondhand at Goodwill means you help reduce waste in landfills and positively contribute to the decrease in worldwide textile demand. Through thrifting, we can all help keep the resources already invested in clothing from going to waste.

If you want to stand out for being smart and creative, look no further than Goodwill Central Coast. Our stores have organized Halloween sections that include costumes as well as decorations. Prices vary, but it’s completely possible to get a head-to-toe costume for less than $20.

So make it a point to check out your local Goodwill Central Coast store for Halloween. It’s the fright thing to do!

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