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Tackle these four New Year’s resolutions with one trip to Goodwill

Tackle these four New Year’s resolutions with one trip to Goodwill

Among Americans who are making New Year’s resolutions, the most common ones are: exercising more (50 percent), saving money (49 percent), eating more healthily (43 percent), and losing weight (37 percent).

If you see yourself in this list, the obvious first step is to find a Goodwill Central Coast store near you. We can help you unearth some fitness friendly finds at prices that won’t break the bank. In short, shopping at Goodwill can take care of all of these resolutions in one trip.

Most of us know that exercise is one of the best things we can do to stay in shape, but staying physically active also acts as a natural stress reliever. That’s right — exercise is great for both body and mind.

Despite its many benefits, exercise doesn’t become a priority for many people. One possible reason? Not having the right workout gear. Merely wearing comfortable, well-fitted athletic clothes can provide a boost of confidence in our fitness abilities and motivate us to work out.

Fortunately, there’s no need to buy expensive, new workout gear to enjoy the many benefits of exercise. At Goodwill Central Coast stores you can find fitness clothes, shoes, yoga mats, shoes and equipment for a fraction of the retail price.

Skip the gym membership

For the short term, at least, the safest place to work out is at home. Due to restrictions left by the pandemic, creating a home workout station is a smart idea.

Shop at Goodwill for light hand weights, kettlebells or small pieces of exercise equipment such as jump ropes or stability balls. Goodwill also offers great deals on DVDs. Look for box sets of fitness classes ranging from kickboxing to Zumba to yoga! You can also find gently-used sporting goods for less on Goodwill’s online auction site,, including tennis rackets, golf clubs, and even roller skates.

Remember, sometimes the best exercise is just walking through the front door and down the street, or through a park, or even up a mountain. Getting outdoors is great medicine, and Goodwill can help you find the right shoes, the proper windbreaker even a set up headphones to help create the perfect Zen moment.

Keep an eye out for brand names

Savvy shoppers find hidden gems at Goodwill all the time. Just a short browse can turn up brand-name workout clothes, often with the tags still attached. Sometimes people get the wrong size and don’t return it, or they buy a size too small hoping they’ll lose weight. No matter what the reason, their loss is your gain!

Our stores are frequently stocked with workout staples pieces like stretchy shorts, leggings, T-shirts and tank tops — many of which are brand names — to make your next workout more comfortable and fashion-forward.

So instead of spending $30–$100 on a pair of workout pants, you typically spend about $4.99–$8.99 on the same pair at Goodwill. We’re talking serious savings! Instead of $40 for a pair of wind pants/warm-up pants you can often find them for less than $10.

Find the tools to eat better

As far as nutritional gear, shoppers can always find juicers, blenders, and food processors at Goodwill. Some are even in the original box, unopened. A quality juice can cost well over $150, but you can grab one for 10 percent of that price at Goodwill Central Coast stores. Same goes for blenders for your protein shakes.

Remember, you’re more apt to eat a carrot if you have a proper peeler. You’re more inclined to eat a healthy winter soup if you have a slow-cooker on hand to make the job easier. Reaching your goals requires motivation, sure, but find ways to make it easier (and cheaper) to get there!

Look and feel great when you shop Goodwill

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to make Goodwill Central Coast your headquarters for inexpensive workout clothes and products. No matter what type of exercise you try, Goodwill is the place to find a variety of trendy workout gear at budget-friendly prices.

Best of all, by shopping at your local Goodwill store, you’re getting more than a great deal; you’re also funding job placement and training programs for individuals facing obstacles in your community. When you bring home a Goodwill find, you give your entire community a reason to celebrate. Now that’s retail therapy you can feel great about!