Turning a Rainy Day Into a Goodwill Haul is Second-level Thrifting!

Whenever it rains, people suddenly get the urge to just stay home and chill. Sure, it may sound enticing to sip hot cocoa beside a moist windowpane or snuggle under a blanket all day.

But there are more productive ways to make the most of the wet weather — beginning with thrifting for bargains at Goodwill.

Think about it. When we were kids and it rained at school, they canceled PE and we all had to stay indoors. It was boring with a capital B.

As savvy adult shoppers, we know it’s best to take advantage of the rain and view it as the perfect opportunity to bring thrifting to the next level.

There are many advantages to shopping during inclement weather, and Goodwill Central Coast offers these pro tips to help you create a downpour of savings.

First things first

SAFETY FIRST. Only go if it is safe of course.

Before you begin your rainy-day shopping extravaganza, head to that overstuffed closet! Inclement weather removes all excuses for that long-awaited purge. We should make effort to minimize, so if you haven’t worn a certain outfit in many months (or years), add it to the donation pile. Donations fuel our mission at GCC to create jobs and opportunities for our friends and neighbors to become more self-sufficient. So consider beginning your shopping trip with a swing by one of our donation centers. It’s an economic cycle that continues to churn within our communities!

Get the store to yourself

Even when the weather is rough, GCC stores plan to stay open wind/weather and staffing permitting. Our associates are able to work swiftly to sort through donations and get them on the floor because they have fewer customers to assist. And because all the other shoppers are hunkering down at home, you get the pick of the litter as soon as new items hit the shelves. Raining harder? Pick up an umbrella or some nifty rain gear for the way home, and maybe some puzzles and classic board games to hunker down with your family!

Try to shop midweek

Not only will the store be less crowded, but the good stuff normally hasn’t been snagged by someone else. Waiting until the weekend is usually a mistake when it comes to fresh inventory. Arriving early just as a store opens is another tip worth remembering. Each day something new hits the shelves, and you can nab that treasure before anyone else.

Be prepared when it comes to sizes

Bring a sewing tape measure and know the sizes/colors of specific things you need. For example, if you’re searching for a basket or bin that fits into an empty nook, it’s wise to know the dimensions of the space. Do you love a certain coffee maker? How do you really know it will tuck nicely under the cabinets? It pays to be prepared, rather than returning home to measure only to find the item has been snatched up by someone else.

Check the return racks outside dressing rooms

These racks are filled with items that have caught the eye of other shoppers so they’re always stuffed with great pieces. When clothes don’t fit just right or the color doesn’t work for a shopper, where does it go? On the return rack. Fantastic finds show up here all the time, so on your way into the dressing room, take a quick peek and see what treasures are hanging there.

If you love something, buy it

It’s easy to talk yourself out of buying something just because you didn’t go shopping with that specific item in mind. Seasoned Thrifters always talk about stumbling upon their favorite find at an unexpected time. And don’t be afraid to shop out of season. For example, if you see holiday decorations in February, stock up and save huge!

Shopping secondhand, reusing items and creating do-it-yourself projects are all a great way to live a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s a great feeling to find something unique at a Goodwill store and give it a second life — knowing that your purchase uplifts others in your community through the power of employment. It also keeps unwanted items out of our landfills.

 It’s a win-win proposition — even on a rainy day!

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